Manage the training of players and staff

Create exercises with the Interactive Tactic Board - and share them with your players




What's in it for the coaches:
The interactive tactic board makes it easy to create exercises (physical, technical or tactical)  - and use them in the training.

Compared to the old magnetic tactic board, the interactive tactic board offers the possibility to add TIME to exercises and play them as animations.

Simply drag players or other elements (ball, flags etc) onto the field and use your fingers to mark their track on the field. Use the time sliders in the bottom to delay or increase the speed + entrance point of either ball or player.

Exercises can be grouped into training sessions for individual players or squads.


Share exercises and tactial manoeuvers
with players & staff - with a single click!


Recipients can view the animations directly
on their smartphone - and receive pushed
notifications when new animations are sent to them.




Coaches can also share exercises and tactical manoeuvers with each other in the Club Cloud.

Here other coaches can comment, rate and download the exercises - and improve/use them in their own training.

The Club Cloud is a closed environment which is only accessible for coaches from the same club.


What does the club gain?
As coaches create and share exercises, the club builds up a library of exercises.

This means when new coaches enter the club, they have access to all knowledge build by previous coaches - and can contribute with their own.

This also means that after a coach exits the club, all his knowledge is kept available to the club and can be used in the future also.




Selected users:

NF Academy Dalum IF Glamsdalens B1913