Frequently asked questions

  • How do I install Coachapplet?


    1. Download the app


    Ipad: Go to App store by clicking this banner: (opens in a new window)

    Android: Go to Google Play by clicking this banner (opens in new window)


    2. First time you start the app, you register with name, email and name of your team

    3. You have now activated the 60 days free trial period giving you full access to all functionality on the pad/tablet and in the cloud.

    Have fun!

  • How can I buy subscription to the Premium Club?

    Subscritions are bought online on this page




  • What is the difference between Coachapplet and the Players app?



    Coachapplet is the app that provides a football (soccer) coach with everything he needs, in order to administer his team and communicate with his players and staff.

    It is an app that runs on Ipad or Android pads.

    In the CoachCloud you can share, comment and rate exercises with other coaches.




    Players app is the app the players download to their smartphone when they are invited by their coach.

    With this app the player can receive important information from the coach such as f ex:

    • Invitation to play matches (with the possibility to report back if you're going or not)
    • Animated training exercises (which are played as small movies)
    • Invitation to meetings, training seminars and other important gatherings.


  • Can I install and use coachapplet on my smartphone?

    No. Coachapplet is developed to be used on a pad/tablet (where there is sufficient space to create exercises etc).

    We do plan to launch a version for smartphones, so that coaches who use Coachapplet can also login from their phones and get access to the most important functionality.

    The smartphone version is planned to be launched in 2017.



  • How does the interactive tactics board work?

    The digital tactics board enables you to create animated exercises or tactics. 

    In the right side you have players, balls & stationary elements. You can drag/drop as many onto the field as you like.

    When a player (or ball) is active, a circle is blinking around him. You can now drag him around in the pattern you like.

    Using the timelines in the bottom, you can control when a player or ball starts it movement.

    Play the exercise using the PLAY icon in the bottom. Exercises can be played in full- screen mode.

    In the bottom right corner you select if an exercise uses an entire field, half a field or no field at all - and in the top you can control a variety of settings using the  78118-settings-knap.png button.



  • Settings in the digital tactics board

    The 78118-settings-knap.png button allows you to control the following settings:

    • Length (duration) of the animation
    • Whether movements patternsshould show with lines, dots or nothing
    • Size of the icons
    • Whether the animation should loop (repeat itself)


  • How do I log events during a match?

    1. You must have created and saved a match. Open it by going to MATCH and click the icon "open match":   65206-openmatch.png


    2. In the top right corner, click "PLAY MATCH".

    When the match begins, you start the time by clicking the button "START 1st half".

    The time starts counting and you are ready to register important events that occur, such as free kicks, yellow/red cards, off-sides, goals etc.




    3. Register an event.

    When you wich to register an event, click on the part of the field where it took place.

    With a click you can now select who did it and what happened. F ex:

    • Free-kick
    • Corner
    • Off-side
    • Red/yellow card
    • Goal
    • Pass to goal

    You can also register en event made by the opponent team.


    4. Statistics

    In the half-time you will automatically see the statistics for the first half - so you can use it in your tactical planning.

    After the match is over, you can see statistics for the entire match - by clicking "View statistics" (which appears where "play match" used to be).

    Click on the statistic you would like to see in detail.



    5. Detailed statistics.

    When you have clicked the type of event you want to explore, you will see all events of this type that happened during the match. This can help to get f ex an overview over where our players run into off-side etc.

    Click on a specific event to see who did it and when it happened.

    Statistics are automatically updated, also on a players level (amount of time played in total, number of scores etc.)




  • How do I setup a match?

    1. Go to the page MATCH and click the icon "new match":   71187-ny-match.jpg


    2. Enter info about the match:

    • Type of match
    • When does it take place and what is the duration
    • Where does it take place - and do we meet somewhere first?
    • Who is the opponent team
    • Your personal comments


    After this click "DONE"



    3. Set your team

    Your generel team is default selected. You can make changes by dragging and dropping players to and from the team.

    If you click a player on the team, he changes to be on the bench and vice versa.


    When you are ready to proceed click DONE


    4. Tactics


    Did you make any tactics for this match? Then select them here so you can show them to the players before the match.

    When you're done you click SAVE and your match is saved in the system.

    You can select to inform your players about the match (the ones who will play, will receive a pushed msg asking them to report back if they are going or not)

    The match is automatically saved under "upcoming matches" + in your calendar.



    5. Play match

    When you go to play the match and want to log events and view statistics, you simply go to the match and click PLAY MATCH.



  • Substitute players during a match

    1. To substitute a player, click this icon (right side) during the match: 94903-substitute-player.jpg 


    2. Now select which player exits and which enters.

    Statistics for players time etc. is automatically counting on each player.