How does it work?

When you fill in the form to become a BETA tester, you will go through these steps:

  1. You instantly receive an email, to verify your email address
  2. When you have verified you address, we will add you to the BETA tester crew
  3. You will receive an email from Apple that looks like this:45671-coachapp-invitation.png

  4. When you click "Open in Testflight" you next screen is:
  5. Click "get TestFlight from the App store" - and download by clicking the "cloud"
    (marked by the red arrow here):

  6. When installed, TestFlight will give you the option to install CoachApplet:


  7. When installed, you can open CoachApplet from the icon on your desktop:

    You will receive mail from Apple when there are new upgrades to the BETA app to download (with instructions).

    Enjoy! :-)